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Puracycle Reusable Blank Bottle Labels (Pack of 25) - FB282

Puracycle Reusable Blank Bottle Labels (Pack of 25) - FB282

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Pack Quantity: 25

Are you fed-up of buying, using and throwing away labels? With these Puracycle reusable bottle labels, this is no longer a worry. The state-of-the-art, three-layered design means you can clean your sauce and condiment bottles in the dishwasher without having to remove the labels. This allows each one to be reused for up to a whole year, saving you money on single-use labels while also reducing the amount of paper waste you produce.

When used with the Puracycle marker pens (FB284 - sold separately), these labels can withstand steam, condensation and hot or cold water without the ink fading. This means your bottles can be safely stored in all of your kitchen and service areas. The ink can be easily removed when you apply friction and water, allowing you to re-label your bottles at any time.

The easy-peel design means these labels also won't leave behind any bacteria-harbouring residue or adhesive when finally removed. This will help to keep your condiment and sauce bottles clean and hygienic.

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